Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Road Safety in Port Moresby

I know I am not the only person that has noticed the traffic conditions in Port Moresby.  I heard that there are 300 cars unloaded at the dock each day.  So what are people doing about safety on the road?  I think the Taxi drivers are the most cautious... they drive ever so slowly, and if you notice most of them drive with one arm hanging outside the door - this is so that they can stop the car if their breaks fail.  Speeding is another concern, but I think the road safety commission have worked out that if they leave the pot holes alone, it will automatically slow down the traffic.  :) 

Now that I have taken up this new hobby of blogging, I decided to do some research on fellow female bloggers in Papua New Guinea and I found a neat blog originating in Lae.  Please do drop me a note if you like what you are reading, or you want to share your comments about my subjects.  I am also quite willing to answer any questions that you might have.

I did not make it to Boroko Foodworld today and I am wondering if they have any fresh vegetables and fruit available... the dilemmas of living in Port Moresby.  There really is a shortage of food at times.  Which brings me to the subject of restaurants.  I heard from some friends that the new Hog's Breath Cafe is open although the full menu is not always available.  Is anyone willing to comment?     

Lastly, you are probably wondering what I do for a living in Port Moresby.  I breath and exercise. XX

Monday, 30 May 2011

May 30 2011 - The beginning

Just call me Kau Kau Chanel. 

Welcome to the blog spot of a young (I like to think) expatriate woman working and living in Port Moresby.  For those of you interested in what I have to say, you are either an ex PNG resident, a current PNG resident, or you are intending to travel to PNG for work. 

I like to think my life is a little bit interesting even though there is not much to do in PNG except work, exercise, eat and shop on the internet.

I always wanted to write a book about the funny things that we see, hear and experience in PNG, but why spend years writing a book when you can publish it daily on line... no editing... ARRGHHH!!   I hope to bring you photos when I can figure out how to upload them.

Good night friends.