Monday, 30 May 2011

May 30 2011 - The beginning

Just call me Kau Kau Chanel. 

Welcome to the blog spot of a young (I like to think) expatriate woman working and living in Port Moresby.  For those of you interested in what I have to say, you are either an ex PNG resident, a current PNG resident, or you are intending to travel to PNG for work. 

I like to think my life is a little bit interesting even though there is not much to do in PNG except work, exercise, eat and shop on the internet.

I always wanted to write a book about the funny things that we see, hear and experience in PNG, but why spend years writing a book when you can publish it daily on line... no editing... ARRGHHH!!   I hope to bring you photos when I can figure out how to upload them.

Good night friends.

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