Thursday, 2 June 2011

Road Rage has arrived in Port Moresby

I said I wouldn't talk about roads, pedestrians, cars etc., but since blogging about it I was in the middle of a stolen car chase this morning (while trying to take a photo from my car of an open NCD market - to see if I could analyse the shots and zoom in on any fresh vegetables that Boroko Foodworld are not selling), and then I was stuck twice today in traffic where cars are lining up km's away from service stations.  There is no fuel in stock, but still people hop in their cars and flock to the petrol station and of course people are beeping and abusing one another.  It doesn't make sense but that is the world of Port Moresby.  If there is still a shortage of fuel tomorrow, I will not go to work as I am on my last quarter...
It seems that everything is either running out, or fully booked this year in Port Moresby.  I finally got over to Boroko Foodworld this morning and my first item was olive oil, and of course they are out.  What is going on?  Are these multinational companies not ordering enough or are they stuck at the wharf waiting to be cleared whilst going off at the same time?  Port Moresby has not been the same since this gas pipeline project kicked off.  It is a catch 22, it's nice to have more flights in and out of Port Moresby, it's nice we have more businesses opening up and wage rates have gone up etc. etc., but I feel that PNG is really not ready for the changes and what will happen when the pipeline is functioning and there is no need for all these people that were employed to build it in the first place?  PNG could be much worse off than it started.  :(  I dont want to be negative but it is sad because I have spent majority of my life here including my family.  There is something special that has kept us here all along.
We are nearing the weekend and I hoping I will have some very blogworthy news to report. 

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